With hundred of millions of pages dating to the mid 1800s, the National Library of Australia (NLA) has a treasure of of books, newspapers, magazines, microfiche, microfilms and slides. With age, these were difficult to preserve and catalog. NLA looked to viable – read reliable and cost effective – options to convert these into searchable, content readable across all standard device forms..


NLA is a Government body using public funds and was accountable to achieve the best results with the lowest budgets. The challenge was to design and implement a system with 3 important aspects – 99.9% accuracy and content integrity, a smooth and seamless production process to convert documents – step by step, a flexible service provider willing to adapt to changing needs. NLA chose iSolve and SCS(our Australian partner).


iClip, the world’s most advanced platform for an automated electronic production of press clippings and media monitoring. The system is unique in the sense that it covers the entire production process from through page layout analysis, OCR, search, clip and distribution as well as customer agreement management and billing.

Key Features

  • Image extraction & processing
  • Customized PDF & XML output
  • Removes unwanted content from Input and optimizes for clipping Content extraction accurately
  • Word split, Para identification & Auto tagging
  • Incorporates a spread merger
  • Input automatically pre-specified sizes Auto-combining fragmented images
  • PDF output pre-set to required specifications
  • Supports meta data
  • Branding of media monitoring companies
  • Customizable thumbnail generation
  • Real-time edit option
  • Countdown timer to track TAT

Transformation, achieved!