• Mobile Application

    Form pickup to delivery managed and tracked
  • GPS based tracking and AI for beat plans

    Tracks the positioning of an Individual, Data on distance covered

iFlow Services

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting


Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor your business with key Reports, Metrics & forecast

Image Audit using FIFO

Data Entry for accepted cases in FIFO

Automated FA upload in CPOS ( Vodafone Software )

Automated CIF upload in CPOS ( Vodafone Software )

Dedupe – identify 6+ connection

Tracking caf movement using Delivery note

Employee verification acceptance in CPos

Indexing of document in warehouse

Scanning of Documents in Warehouse

Uploading the scanned image in Filenet

Storage of documents in warehouse

TC verification using iFlow image

Outstation verification using iFlow image

Activation Officer approval using iFlow image