• Social Media Monitoring integration

    Monitor the posts or feeds of a particular brand/ product from the Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram
  • Web Crawling

    Web Content Extraction from the websites, relative links, Extracted data can be auto exported to various formats, Keyword Search Results
  • Auto Clipping & article identification

    Auto zoning of text content & Identification of editorial content and advertisement in newspaper and magazine

iClip Services

Supports meta data

Summarized information as per clients requirement

Incorporates a spread merger

Two parts of the image merger, output as single image

Image extraction & processing

Real-time edit option

Real time edit option with character insert & removal option

Countdown timer to track TAT

Countdown timer to track TAT (at page level and publication level)


Input automatically pre-specified sizes auto-combining fragmented images

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business


Removes unwanted content from Input and optimizes for clipping content extraction accurately

Multi Language

Process Languages - dutch, danish, swedish, norwegian, french, english, spanish & italian (europe, US, UK, australia, canada)


Generates output as per client required specifications (PDF, XML including mets & alto features, image, & thumbnail etc..)

Customized PDF & XML output

Predefinied specification to get required output format. tagged as per schema and converted into XML including alto & mets features

Word split, Para identification, Auto tagging

Sophisticated algorithms to determine exact word boundaries, auto paragraph identification technique, auto identification of header, sub header, body text, image, author etc